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Running a business today is no easy task and many owners/managers lack the time or expertise to effectively collect their past due accounts or bad checks.

If your business needs collection help, you should hire a Collection Company that has the experience and reputation to effectively collect the money owed to you; without adversely effecting customer relations.

Factors to consider are:

  • How long has the collection service been in business?
  • What type of experience do they have in collections in your industry?
  • What professional affiliations or organizations do they belong to?
  • Are they collecting accounts for other businesses in your area?
  • Are their fees consistent with similar type collection services?
  • Is their manner of collecting consistent with good business practices?

The Right agency can significantly impact your bottom line.


  • Longevity in business is a plus
  • Experience in your industry and geographical area normally means better collection.
  • Belonging to organizations such as ACA International, Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Trade Associations, etc. shows a commitment to business and community.
  • If fees seem too high or low...use extreme caution
  • Your agency reflects on your company, choose wisely!
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